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More than 110 galleries and institutions from 27 countries  presented the works of over 500 artists, and a wide  range  of  additional  information on the contemporary art scene, at the Viennese Marx Halle from 21 to 24 September. Photo: © Stefka Nikolova / artnovini.comThe international art forum at Marx Halle Vienna successfully closes after four days with 29.767 visitors and strong sales by the participating galleries.

VIENNA. With its 29 767 visitors, viennacontemporary managed to surpass even the highest expectations and to strengthen its position in the international art fair scene. In addition to exceptional sales, the participating galleries were especially pleased to welcome a large number of international visitors at the Viennese Marx Halle, reports the website But also local audiences flocked to viennacontemporary more numerously than ever before. 120 galleries and art institutions presented the works of over 500 artists and their programs at the Viennese Marx Halle from 21 till 24 September.

„This year, we could once more increase the fair's quality and the number of visitors. Both the galleries’ shows as well as the special presentations were met with great enthusiasm by the audience. I'm especially delighted to see that the international response to the fair is steadily growing. The large number of art collectors who came to Vienna especially for the fair is proof that the continuous development of our program was well worth the effort. We confidently look forward to the coming years”, Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, artistic director of viennacontemporary, rejoices over this year’s successful edition of art fair.

viennacontemporary 2017 - exhibition view. Photo: © Stefka Nikolova /„Art, culture, and creativity are the most important factors that contribute to making Vienna the world's most livable city. During the last years, viennacontemporary has made a major contribution to the city’s quality of life and I am pleased to guarantee our ongoing commitment to support the fair's progress for the next five years. To secure the same level of success in the future, we will increasingly invest in the art scene's collaboration with the up-and-coming IT startup scene. Since the digital revolution will also fundamentally transform the fields of art and culture, our initiative aims to substantially contribute to the positive development of Viennese art intuitions”, Dmitry Aksenov, chairman of the board of viennacontemporary, confirms his readiness to continue to support viennacontemporary in the coming years and to strengthen the cooperation between art and technology.

„It has been an exceptional achievement of our team to make viennacontemporary such a success, despite the multiple challenges of the last two weeks. I’m especially happy that we have received a great deal of positive feedback by the participating galleries concerning our engagement and support during the fair. Together with our partners, we managed to organize a successful and well-rounded art event for both the galleries and the visitors. In Marx Halle, we have found the perfect venue for viennacontemporary and we are confident that we can continue to maintain this location in the coming years”, Renger van den Heuvel, managing director of viennacontemporary, summarizes the success of the art fair.

viennacontemporary 2017 - exhibition view. Photo: © Stefka Nikolova /„What I have experienced over the last years is that the audience of viennacontemporary is becoming more and more international, which is clearly a sign for the positive development of the art fair. The quality of the participating galleries definitely matches international standards and I am very content to be able to support this progress as a member of the admission committee. I was also very happy to contribute to the special presentation Focus: Hungary, which brought new attention to an important period in the development of the Hungarian art scene”, says Margit Valko of Kisterem Gallery, Budapest, member of the admission committee, viennacontemporary.

„The sheer number of local visitors viennacontemporary was able to mobilize this year is simply remarkable. This proves the art fair’s position as a firmly established event in Vienna’s cultural calendar. The outstanding Talks program, curated by Kate Sutton, additionally attracted particularly interesting art collectors and representatives of the international art scene. This year’s edition of viennacontemporary was definitely the most exciting and successful one so far”, says Emanuel Layr, Gallery Emanuel Layr Vienna, and member of the viennacontemporary admission committee, who enthusiastically praises the four days of the art fair.

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